Environmental Noise Solutions Limited (ENS) is an independent acoustic consultancy offering a comprehensive service across all aspects of noise measurement, assessment and control. With experienced staff, the company specialises in the provision of high quality and practical acoustic consultancy to both the public and private sectors; typically working with residential and commercial developers, architects, planning consultants, industry, local planning authorities and environmental protection services.
The company’s head office is located in the Doncaster Business Innovation Centre, on the outskirts of Doncaster town centre.

Head office is central to our main geographical area of operation and provides easy access to major transport infrastructure such as the A1, M1 and M18. Further satellite offices are located in Sheffield and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
ENS provides acoustic consultancy to a range of clients in many of the major conurbations in the Midlands and North of England, including Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Hull, Manchester and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

We are, however, always looking to extend our main areas of operation and therefore welcome the opportunity to provide a fixed price quotation for projects anywhere in the UK
We believe that our service delivery is second to none and that clients retain our expert services because of our continuous commitment to providing high quality, cost effective advice. Furthermore, we provide clients with a commitment to complete all surveys within two weeks of being commissioned – a responsiveness that our clients consider is unrivalled.
A key factor in this commitment is the maintenance of continuous working relationships with a number of local planning authorities and environmental protection services, ensuring that we can quickly understand the regulators’ perspective and anticipate the conditions likely to be imposed on an existing noise source or on a proposed development.
We maintain our service delivery standards through a mixture of internal quality assurance procedures and a continuous process of investment in technology and training. Our consultants deliver the highest level of service to you through both expert technical competence and a clear and detailed understanding of your requirements.
We actively encourage clients to seek our services at the earliest opportunity since the integration of acoustic issues into the overall design of a development should remove the need for costly revisions should noise mitigation schemes have to be implemented to meet regulatory requirements.
The earlier we are involved in a project the easier it is find a cost effective solution which is mutually acceptable to both our client and the local planning authority. Clients have found this approach invaluable in ensuring that initial designs for budgetary purposes encapsulate likely acoustic measures and thus identify their associated costs.
For example, for proposed residential developments potentially affected by external noise from sources such as roads, railways, pubs and clubs, most local planning authorities will set allowable internal noise levels by means of a planning condition. Initial designs and budgets, however, are often set by this time.
Depending on the scheme and the internal noise levels required by the planning condition, it is possible that the noise mitigation measures required could dictate significant changes to external and internal layouts, or even dictate the need for enhanced building services or assisted ventilation systems.
In extreme cases where large areas of glazing are to be constructed within a portal frame building, the weight and thickness of the glass required to attenuate external noise could dictate the need for a full review of the structural capabilities of the building.
"We actively encourage clients to seek our services at the earliest opportunity since the integration of acoustic issues into the overall design of a development should remove the need for costly revisions..."
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